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The Boss Babes Project offers networking events and business workshops that are focused on connecting likeminded women who are ready to share ideas and create collaborations to grow their businesses and continue to boost the local community. We are focused on removing the competition and encouraging all business owners to work together to provide value and be reminded that there is enough business for everyone to succeed. 

We are so passionate about personal growth, professional development and connecting likeminded women who are ready to support each other! We have created a project that brings it all together to create the best ways to bring these into your life and support your biggest project – YOU!

This group of women is a safe space to connect with who you are, the value the strength in choosing your life, the importance of looking after yourself and to appreciate the power of positive relationships.

If working for yourself and by yourself has left you feeling isolated and you are ready to connect with like-minded women who are ready to share ideas – The Boss Babes Project is perfect for you!


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Boss Babe Testimonials

“On the hunt to regain the love for my body, I joined The Boss Babes Project and it has over-exceeded any expectations I had in my most vulnerable state. Not only did I join a fitness journey, I joined a community of like-minded females who share the journey with me. Jess is an amazing trainer, but it’s not all about exercise with her, she has taught me how to incorporate growth, mindset and nutritional value to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Thank You”


“Not only am I getting the push I need to reach my fitness goals but also learning to have a healthy mindset in the process! For anyone looking for a caring, challenging but most of all fun influence in their life, I highly recommend you jump on board The Boss Babes Project”


“I was not comfortable with my body and I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. Within a month I could already see the changes. Now I can see that my fitness has increased and I can see the change through my body. Even when I feel like I can’t do it Jess is always by my side motivating me to do it. I am happy, and now, more confident with my body and with myself. I definitely recommend The Boss Babes Project to anyone looking for great quality personal training and an amazing friends”


“I joined The Boss Babes Project just over a year ago now, before I started training with Jess I had absolutely no confidence in myself and certainly not at the gym and I really did not want to be judged by any Personal Trainers. Since meeting Jess not only have I learnt what I wanted to learn at gym, have gained more confidence in myself, met a great new friend but I have also met a whole new group of positive girlfriends…I am very happy to be apart of it”


“Feeling better and stronger than ever since becoming a boss babe, inside and out! The team at the Boss Babes project is always so quick to answer any questions I have (no matter how silly) about my physical workouts and self-love workshops. The ongoing love and support from the other Boss Babes is just a big glittery cherry on top!”


“Before joining the project a year ago I was lost and lacked confidence in who I was as a person. The support and encouragement from the ladies is amazing and gave me strength within myself to change my life forever. I have now found myself and am proud of who I am. This project isn’t a fad diet or about losing weight, its to educate and support women to change their life forever”


“Jess is an amazing trainer, really great for body image and a gives you a boost of confidence.

Her easy to do workout plans are great for anyone, no matter what shape size or how fit or unfit you are Jess will work around you and stand by you through it.”


“The Boss Babes Project has been an eye opening experience for me! Everyone has been so open and encouraging to help me reach my personal fitness goals. I love going to the boot camps, The Boss Babes push me to my limits and help me achieve the best results!! I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer and support group, helping women like me, feel comfortable and achieve our goals!”


“100% Recommend joining The Boss Babes Project! Whether you are a beginner with your fitness or advanced, Jess has lots of knowledge to share. I started training with The Boss Babes Project after spending a fair bit of time in the gym and still learned so much and saw changes in my body in just a short time. She is a lovely trainer that will still push you hard. The Boot camps are heaps of fun and never the same!”


I didn’t know what it was to truly push myself until I started training with The Boss Babes Project and doing Boot Camps – I’ve learnt more about myself and my potential than I ever knew. When I think I can’t do something (like 100 push ups, no matter how sloppy) she trumps me and I go on to do even more! 10/10 would recommend, it’s great to work out with someone who believes in you the way Jess does!


“The Boss Babes Project keeps me motivated and gives me fresh training routines that are fun and easy to do whether at home or at the gym!

Training with The Boss Babes Project changed not only my body and fitness but my mindset on what is important – health, happiness and loving the skin your in. Thank you Jess for never giving up on me and to all the beautiful Boss Babes who keep me inspired & motivated!”


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