Some days there is nothing better than having a laugh, a real laugh – you know the one; when you feel it through your whole body, tears streaming and your belly aches! It automatically lifts your mood and leaves you feeling relaxed and happy, genuinely happy. And some days, if not most days; that is exactly what you need.

It’s so much more than a mood lifter though; it actually is an emotional medicine. It helps to connect people; it creates an emotional relationship and relaxes the stress hormones. This is because it also improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain allowing a more rational thought process that has been proven to decrease anxiety.

It is also a great and enjoyable way to relive any muscle tension and continue with the relief for 45mins, giving your body time to recover whilst releasing our endorphins (the happiness hormone) and T-cells (which boost our immune system).

I mustn’t forget to mention the other amazing bonuses; it is also a great Abs and Cardio workout (who said exercise can’t be fun!) So next time your mood is feeling low or your energy is feeling flat, find something that will make you laugh – really laugh and enjoy every minute of it!