No one likes having a broken heart, whether you did the breaking up or it happened to you – it hurts. A part of your life that once brought happiness into your life has finished and it takes a lot of emotional adjusting to come back to being happy within yourself and enjoy your own company. At one point or another most people with experience this and so to guide you through this journey and give you some chances on what not to do to help you to the other side without making big life changes out of impulse.

  1. Moving your whole life: It is easy to think that packing up your life and moving some where new to start over will leave all your problems behind. You can’t run away, the problems will still be there. Work out exactly what you are trying to escape from and decide if they are a solid part of your life that you can’t change and what is in your life by choice. If you are choosing to have something in your life that creates drama it is up to you to change it not run from it
  2. Blame: No one else is in control of your happiness and it isn’t fair to put that blame on anyone else. Everyone makes choices and regardless of what anyone has or hasn’t done, you control how you react to something and how much control or power you give someone over your life
  3. Committing to something when you are sad or angry: Don’t make any commitments or big changes while you are still adjusting. This is a time for reflection and growth not radical changes and dramatic shifts until you are in a stable mindset and can really think about what you want for you
  4. STOP THE PITY PARTY!: “Poor me, poor me” It will only make you feel worse and it doesn’t solve anything, the only thing it can do is risk pushing the people closest to you away, it isn’t fair to expect the people around you to always lift you up
  5. Looking for someone or something to fill a void: Give yourself time and focus on creating happiness within yourself, trying to fill a void doesn’t fix anything and it won’t be a solution it is just a bandaid that will continue to hurt the longer you avoid dealing with the underlying issues and giving yourself time to heal.
  6. Social Media Rampage: A break up should be something private, it isn’t about who hurt who or publicly shaming the other person. Stop yourself from posting or sharing anything online that is derogatory to the other person or your past relationship. You won’t gain anything from hurting another person and you won’t feel better in the long by chasing validation from social media accounts
  7. Losing your Health Routine: Your mind and body are in a fragile state at the moment, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and be mindful of how you are treating yourself. Focus on giving yourself the right foods and making time to move your body. People deal differently with emotional; some “forget to eat” while others binge eat to “feel better”, each as damaging as the other. Look after your mind and your body.

Regardless of the circumstances, you both deserve to find someone that bring happiness to your life, someone who accepts you for who you are and allows you to be who you want to be. Don’t be something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset, because whether you realise it or not – no sadness has ever lasted forever and you will find your way back to the completely gorgeous Boss Babe that you are, it will just take some time.


  1. Self Love Dates: Take yourself on dates and make time to do what you love, it might take time to work out what that is but it is exciting to try lots of new things you have always considered while you are finding out
  2. Positive Self Talk: Remind yourself everyday how amazing you are and the gorgeous qualities you have to offer
  3. Talk: Be open about how you are feeling to the people that are close to you, don’t think that you have to push through this alone. Crying is healthy and the people around you love you and will do whatever they can to help you back to your dream life