We all feel fear – fear of things changing and even more fear of things staying the same but it is how we react to that that makes the difference. Be aware of the cause of the fear and be conscious of how you are responding. When you are creating your dream life or going towards something new – there is going to be change and with that challenge is inevitable. There are two ways to handle that FEAR – “Forget everything and Run” or “Face Everything with Rise”. (Please note this is not to do with any fear that threatens your wellbeing but the fear that stops us from stepping out of our comfort zone). You cannot step up and create change towards your dream life without it and to be honest if it doesn’t scare you a little bit, it isn’t something that you really care about because you aren’t concerned about how it all turns out or if it even eventuates to anything.

Embrace the fear of growth and let yourself be challenged because nothing worth having will come easily and if there isn’t some kind of challenge chances are you won’t appreciate it when it when you reach it anyway.