At one point or another we all find ourselves in a position where we find it is easier to blame other people, obstacles, circumstances, its human nature no one likes to admit that they had any part in something that went wrong. There are two sides to everything and sometimes it really is someone else’s “fault” but how you react it that is 100% on you. This lesson came from one of Mark Manson’s books with his example if a baby is left on your doorstep – its not your fault but what happens to this baby now is completely your responsibility, no matter what you do from now you are making a choice on how to handle this responsibility. Even choosing to ignore them is still a choice and you live through those consequences as well. You choose how you feel, what you do and how you grow from it.

When you shift that way you think about the blame you can get closer to point where you are grateful for what you once blamed because without that you wouldn’t have learnt that you were strong enough to get through it and take responsibility for your life with whatever gets thrown at you.