The way you start your day is a huge reflection and insight towards how the rest of your day looks. Here are two scenarios

Scenario 1: You snooze your alarm, you are already running late to get ready for work and to get the kids to school, you skip breakfast and because you are rushing you spill your coffee down the front of your shirt and have to get dressed again, you don’t have time to make your bed and exercise – ha forget it – no way!

How does the rest of your day look?

  • You get every red light (always the way when you are late!), You hit a morning slump because you skipped breakfast and didn’t have time to pack food so you snack on the office biscuits even though you know they will only make you feel guilty. You spend the whole day chasing you tail to try and catch up but you are even more exhausted from all the rushing around. You get home exhausted and your family is still expecting dinner while you are still deciding for just a glass or the whole bottle. You finally finish all the house jobs you didn’t have time to do this morning and when you finally crawl into your unmade bed it is just another reminder of all the things you didn’t get to do today and then as if you weren’t feeling exhausted already you get the inevitable tap on the shoulder from your partner who wants to “relax” you – Who else has been through this day and is exhausted?

Scenario 2: You set your alarm to allow Self Love time, you wake up with your alarm if not just before, you are awake and happy to be. You make the bed, sneak out for a morning walk and stretch before the rest of your house wakes up. You get back just in time to get the kids ready for school, which is pretty easy because you’ve packed their lunches the night before, you have time to get ready and sit down to actually eat your breakfast. You are feeling good and you look amazing because you had time to actually get ready.

How does the rest of your day look?

  • You still get a couple of red lights (it happens) but it doesn’t bother you because you have allowed enough time and because you had to yourself this morning and fill your cup up your tolerance isn’t at breaking point, you arrive at work with energy and ready to face the day. You finish all your tasks for the day and get out door on time to get to the grocery store without feeling completely derailed and you are home to finish of any quick tasks that will make the morning easier again and then after a productive day you climb into your made bed as yet another reminder of everything you accomplished today.

Firstly I want everyone to know at one point or another everyone experiences scenario 1 and that doesn’t mean you are failing but it does mean you need an early night to give your body some rest. Every morning when you wake up – you choose how your day goes, you choose what mindset you face the day with and you also get to choose how the rest of the day goes. Every now and then things will get in your way but at the very least you come home to a made bed that reminds you that you have achieved at least one thing today and tomorrow is another chance.

How are you going to start your day tomorrow?