You spend so much looking after everyone else, there is always something else that seems like it needs to be a bigger priority and you are tired.

Babe I have been there and it is hard, you feel like you are letting everyone down and you keep saying yes even though your plate is full and you start to feel guilty anytime you even think of doing something for yourself.

But I also know that if you don’t make time to fill your own cup up you won’t have any energy to fill up everyone else’s. You should never feel guilty about taking time to practice Self Love.

We have created our top 10 ways to practice Self Care in under 15mins to make sure you can practice Self Care within the pockets of time in your life

  1. Have a full shower (shave your legs & wash your hair – I know that luxury probably seems like a distant memory)
  2. Clean your room – your bedroom is the place your body associates with rest it won’t work if the room is full of chaos
  3. Buy a small plant and take care of it once a week – gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow’s beauty which is perfect when you are feeling empty
  4. Put a face mask on while you are making dinner
  5. Read a chapter of your book
  6. Make a cup of tea and actually drink it while its still hot (how did we get so busy that this is a luxury)
  7. Say your affirmations
  8. Colour in – it lowers stress levels!
  9. Go through your diary and mark the due date of your bills one week earlier (paying bills late or even on their due date creates unnecessary drama)
  10. Put your favourite song on and just dance

Always remember that you deserve and need time to fill your own cup up to be able to look after everyone else.