There is so much pressure from social media and the press to be “perfect”, or to fit a certain box. With photoshop and filters being used everyday it is impossible to tell whats real and it is easy to fall into a habit of negative self talk and comparison because our real life doesn’t fit in with someone’s instagram life. Trust me I have been there, but I also work really hard to fall in love with myself, flaws and all.

I recently had a photoshoot and I loved it, I felt glamorous and loved the makeup and hair I had done. As you can see from the photo there was a big transformation and I definitely didn’t wake up like this. I didn’t post this photo for compliments or validation, I am proud of who I naturally am but I did post it to show that no one really looks like this. The models in magazines and on the runway have hair and make up artists to style them, they have special lighting, camera tricks and a whole lot of posing for the perfect angle. Stop comparing yourself.. end of story. You are gorgeous just as you are and everything else is just your eyes unfairly playing tricks on you.