Whether you’re are taking a super cute clutch or your gorgeous handbag there are 5 essentials you need to keep inside at all time! Boss Babes, this is not a drill!

  1. Lip Gloss – you never know when you are going to add a little gloss!
  2. Bandaids (just a couple) sometimes as much as you love them your shoes don’t have your best interests at heart
  3. Bobby Pins/Hair Tie – for when that gust of wind laughs at your perfectly placed hair or they can be used to temporarily fix and uncooperative hem on your outfit
  4. Sunglasses (obviously!) Protect your eyes from the sun and they are the perfect accessory
  5. Tampons/Pads – stranger things than an unplanned period have happened or you might be the hero of a stranger’s day in the ladies room!

This little secret is a GAME CHANGER!