You speak to yourself more than anyone else so make sure you are saying the right words. Mindset is everything and the words you speak shape your mindset around your reality, we have created a list of words that can no longer have a place in your vocabulary, they are damaging to the reality you are creating and restricting your ability to create the life you want.

At one point or another we have all struggled to say a definitive yes or no but why? Is it fear for hurting the other person, fear or rejection or even fear of missing out? Maybe implies that you are indecisive or don’t feel confident to make a decision, trust your intuition and back yourself. Decide what you want, what’s best for you and what is the right thing to do and decide accordingly.

+ Word Swap: Yes or No

We say it with the best intentions and never intend to forget or fail but inevitably that is normally the outcome. For some it is used as a diversion to decision making or committing, instead of a definitive yes or no, I’ll try gives the escape either way.

+ Word Swap: I will or I won’t

If you want it you can get it or do it but you have to be willing to do the work that is necessary. Just because you haven’t done it yet doesn’t mean you can’t, it means you need to focus more on practising. Every time you say “can’t” you are doubting your abilities when you have the ability to be amazing.

+ Word Swap: I can, I will do what I can or I don’t want to

Too busy:
This is an excuse for not making time for something that isn’t a priority for you, we always have time to do the things that are highest on our lists of priorities so instead of saying you are “too busy” rearrange your priorities or be honest about why it isn’t important enough to you

+ Word Swap: It’s not a priority

This is an easy escape to blame for not moving forward, it blames a current circumstance for your reality and implies that you haven’t taken control of you life e.g. Still broke, still unfit or still unhappy

+ Word Swap: I am not willing to do what it takes to change for circumstances

I want:

Shows that you have the expectation that your ideals will be handed to you, you aren’t committed to doing what is necessary to make your ideals a reality for yourself! + Word Swap: I’m working towards…

…Made me:
Stop blaming other people or other circumstances. No one and nothing can make you feel or do anything. How one person acts is on them and you can’t control that, but how you react to that and let it impact your life, thats on you. On the contrary also don’t put the expectation on someone or something else to “make” you feel happy. Find your own happiness and everything else is just a bonus.

+ Word Swap: I’m taking responsibility

The words you use are what your mind uses to build its perception of your reality, speak with positivity and direction about how you are working to create your life. Pay attention to the way you are speaking and what your mind is hearing and make a conscious decision if that is the influence you are accepting over your life and mindset.