About Us

“I know what it feels like to look in the mirror and not like what you see or not be proud of what you see, I also know what it feels like to not know who you are or who you want to be and it is very easy to fall into the trap of who you think you “should” be. The Boss Babes Project has been created because I want women to realise their strength and ability to design a lifestyle they want and be proud of who they are, because I also know how powerful you feel when you learn that you do have the strength to choose your own life”

Jessica Inder
Founder of The Boss Babes Project

We know working for yourself and by yourself can leave you feeling isolated and lonely but we also know it doesn’t have to. The Boss Babes Project believes that there is more than enough opportunities for everyone to make it. We have created a foundation for businesswomen to share ideas and grow together. Success looks different to everyone but we believe that the core ingredients to achieve your success are the same. We focus on connecting an environment for likeminded women to connect, network and share ideas, we believe in the importance of creating a business that compliments the lifestyle you want, and having unlimited access to personal and professional development.

The Boss Babes Project is a safe space for women to stand together without judgment or comparison, and get to know who you are. We have created the opportunity to design your lifestyle and business into something you are proud of. The Boss Babes Project connects you with likeminded women who genuinely want you to do well. We share ideas and create opportunies to collaborate and grow together through our memberships, events and workshops.

We have created The Boss Babes Project with these values in mind, if you are looking to connect with likeminded women globally to share ideas and feel a part of a team again with access to unlimited personal and professional development resources – The Boss Babes Project’s membership is perfect for you!

Boss Babe;

(n.) a passionate woman ready to support other women; she knows she has the strength to create her own life; confident in who she has chosen to be


Our Legacy

Our business represents the importance of women supporting women, a place where women come together to talk about ideas rather than each other and most importantly a place where women learn to love themselves enough that they can back themselves and trust their ability.

The Boss Babes Project offers events and workshops that are focused on connecting likeminded women who are ready to share ideas and create collaborations to grow their businesses and continue to boost the local community. We are focused on connecting women right across Australia to support local businesses and create new collaborations to grow together.

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