The Glow Up Project


A girl with dreams becomes a woman with vision. We have created The Glow Up Project is a Full Day Workshop, aged 12-18 to offer our girls the skills to feel confident and empowered as they enter life after school. From sharing the importance of health and self love to understanding budgeting and writing a resume to be able to change a tyre and cook a healthy meal – we need to make sure our girls never forget their worth and their ability to create a life for herself that she is proud of. The Boss Babes Project creates an opportunity for young girls to become women who believe in their vision and know they have the skills to create it.

Whats included?
A delicious and healthy lunch and snacks
Affirmations & Vision Boards
Personal Style
Basic Mechanic Skills
Understanding Budgets & Resumes
Tax & Superannuation Information
After School Pathways
Healthy Cooking
Basic Sewing Skills
Self Care & Health
Making True Friendships
A takehome copy of our Glow Up workbook to look back on as a reference

This event has been created for young girls aged 12-18 who wanted to connect with likeminded friends, learn real life skills and be inspired to know she can create her own life!



“We are not here to empower you, you already have immense power but sometimes we can be so busy looking after everything else that we forget that – that is where The Boss Babes Project steps in”


Not all men, not even most men are dangerous but all women are scared for our self and for our sisters because one wrong move or wrong place wrong time could be deadly and the worst part is most of the time you can’t tell the difference until its too late. We need to stand together and make sure all women feel safe to speak up. You deserve to reclaim your GLOW.

CLIENT Testimonials

“On the hunt to regain the love for my body, I joined The Boss Babes Project and it has over-exceeded any expectations I had in my most vulnerable state. Not only did I join a fitness journey, I joined a community of like-minded females who share the journey with me. Jess is an amazing trainer, but it’s not all about exercise with her, she has taught me how to incorporate growth, mindset and nutritional value to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Thank You”


“I joined The Boss Babes Project just over a year ago now, before I started training with Jess I had absolutely no confidence in myself and certainly not at the gym and I really did not want to be judged by any Personal Trainers. Since meeting Jess not only have I learnt what I wanted to learn at gym, have gained more confidence in myself, met a great new friend but I have also met a whole new group of positive girlfriends…I am very happy to be apart of it”


“Feeling better and stronger than ever since becoming a boss babe, inside and out! The team at the Boss Babes project is always so quick to answer any questions I have (no matter how silly) about my physical workouts and self-love workshops. The ongoing love and support from the other Boss Babes is just a big glittery cherry on top!”


“Before joining the project a year ago I was lost and lacked confidence in who I was as a person. The support and encouragement from the ladies is amazing and gave me strength within myself to change my life forever. I have now found myself and am proud of who I am. This project isn’t a fad diet or about losing weight, its to educate and support women to change their life forever”


“Not only am I getting the push I need to reach my fitness goals but also learning to have a healthy mindset in the process! For anyone looking for a caring, challenging but most of all fun influence in their life, I highly recommend you jump on board The Boss Babes Project”