Boss Babes mean Business

Boss Babes mean Business is a global PLATFORM of passionate and supportive Business Babes from all industries coming together to connect, inspire and share!

The Boss Babes Project is passionate about bringing together Boss Babes in Business from all around the world that are ready to work together and share ideas because we all know when Boss Babes come together fabulous ideas are created!

+ Social Events  + Professional Development + Collaboration +

+ No Judgment + No Competition + No Comparison +


• Passionate Business Babes from all Industries

• Share Goals & Ask Questions

• Social & Networking Events

• Gain Insight, Feedback and Guidance from our Business Boss Babes

• Build Global Business Connections

• Global Community of Supportive & Positive Women

• Online forum for Mindset Coaching & Professional Development

• Promote your business and reach your target market faster


Every women in this group has incredible value, I never want you to forget the knowledge that you hold and how your experiences have helped you to grow!


Follow the link to chose a date on the spreadsheet to put your name down for educating our group on a topic of your choice!

**If you put your name on the spreadsheet make sure you save the date in your diary
**You can organise this day within the group however you like to get your ideas across e.g. a live chat, a post about the tips, some interesting and related articles and even share some of your blogs posts
** You can post about your topic as many times as you like throughout the day
** Your topic doesn’t have to give business advice, it can be advice about your business e.g. skin care tips, fashion trends, tax tips, social media hacks or nutrition guides etc
**Make sure you plug your business and add all your links so we can find you!


“I had such a lovely evening at the Boss babes mean business event! It was so inspiring to be around so many like minded babes. Jess was absolutely fab and has a wealth of knowledge and advice to give . Cant wait to attend more of these”
~ Jess B





“Thanks for inspiring me tonight”
~ Maritza


“Love this enthusiastic young lady, Jess always makes you feel so welcome and will introduce you to everyone. Jess holds awesome events that cover all sorts of topics. If you are worried about going to an event on your own – don’t be, you will make new friends and will definitely be inspired by Jess”
~ Alison




“I have been to multiple Boss Babes Mean Business events held by the gorgeous Jess and each and every time I have taken soooo much away with me! I love the way Jess encourages every woman she meets to first believe in themselves and then share everything that is amazing about them with everyone else. Jess has a natural ability to make everyone in her presence feel comfortable and I am sure like myself they always walk away feeling inspired! Highly recommend her Boss Babe events”
~ Jacinta



“After attending an event held by Jess from The Boss Babes Project; I can see she is genuine and really believes in a healthy cause. Women all over the world need a group like this and a woman like Jess in their lives. You can be sure I will be seeing her again and following this journey that she shares for the wellbeing of women”
~ Angela



“Jess, you EMANATE positivity, beauty, joy… and boss-ness! So much value has been added to my business, and my journey, just from meeting you and being in your workshop for 2 hrs. Imagine the impact and flow-on effect of more time with you, and other boss babes”
~ Elise
“It was a great night full of inspiration women. Thank you #bossbabesrule
~ Exclusively Mudgee
“Truly was an Inspiring night!”
~ Katy


“I went along to my first Boss Babes Project ‘networking’ event with a friend and fellow business owner. We weren’t sure what to expect… but what we found was a group of genuinely lovely and like-minded women who were interesting and very easy to chat with. No selling, no self-promotion – it was like hanging out with a group of old girlfriends. Plus there was a supply of bubbles, nibbles and the gorgeous Jess hosting the event. The group had a beautiful, genuine spirit and for sure this won’t be my last time”
~ Janice