The District HQ

The Boss Babes Project offers a safe space for women to grow, personally and professionally. We connect likeminded women across Australia who are ready to share ideas and create collaborations. Join us at our next event to inspire and be inspired by women who genuinely want you to succeed. Our District HQ is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland!

Hello Gorgeous Boss Babe, welcome to the Sunshine Coast District HQ! 

We have so many incredible goodies here for you, make sure you pop in and say hello!

The Sunshine Coast District HQ is a safe space for women to come and know that thier value is appreciated. 

We know that working for yourself and by yourself can leave you feeling isolated and lonely which is exactly why our District HQs were created, to make sure you have access to a group of likeminded women who are ready to share ideas, help you grow and celebrate your wins along the way! 

Am I eligible to become a Boss Babe?

Oh good question! 

+ Are you willing to take responsbility for the energy you are bringing into the space?

+ Are you willing to speak with kindness and respect to both yourself and our other Boss Babes?

+ Are you ready to grow your business?

+ Are you ready to share your value?

+ Are you over the age of 18?


If you answered YES to all the above questions you are absolutely ready to become a Boss Babe!